Manufacturer of porcelain, tableware, pottery, cups, mugs


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Kitka Novi Pazar

Company "K I T K A" has been established in 1919 as a workshop for production of bricks and roof-tiles.
Nowadays company "K I T K A" produces household porcelain:
- large range of high quality sets with splendid decoration;
- original high artistic coloured glass ware ;
- souvenirs of porcelain ;
Products of company "K I T K A" are something more than ordinary vessels for feeding - they introduce refinement and elegance at the served table, they are the classics of today.
Company "K I T K A" trades with leading companies all over the world. Its well - deserved representation at the European Community ranks it among the distinguished western companies of the branch where company "K I T K A" works.
Kitka porcelain master of bulgarian porcelain tableware. Biggest manufacturer of porcelain pottery-cups,mugs,plates,oval plates,teapots,creamers,bowls,souptureens.
Our company continuously applies the technology to enhance the product quality. Meanwhile, we also pay much attention to the design of the product styles, wining clients by design and expending the market by technology and sizes. Our confidence comes from excellent experience by serving many world-renowned brands.